owner, Phyllis Ripple

owner, Phyllis Ripple

our philosophy

Children belong in schools, not on looms

 All ecoFiber rugs are certified by Goodweave, which means that independent inspectors visit member looms in Nepal unannounced to ensure that no child has a hand in making our rugs.  We earned our Goodweave membership by adhering to strict guidelines and proudly contribute financially to the rescue, rehabilitation and education of child weavers in Nepal, India, and Afghanistan.

Commitment to beautiful and original designs, global  sustainability, and traditional craftsmanship

 We embrace the belief that an environmentally and socially conscious business can thrive in today’s global market.  Our ability to produce fine handmade carpets by using methods that have a minimal impact on the environment means our clients no longer have to choose between luxury and sustainability.

We believe that harsh chemicals and bleaches detract from a carpet's beauty. Nature's purity and simplicity inspire our designers to create stunning rugs from natural fibers and vegetable dyes.  

Reducing our carbon footprint

The typical journey of  a  60,000  pound rug shipment from  Katmandu to New York amounts to 25  tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. To  put this figure in context, 25 tons equals electricity usage of  12 houses over the course of a year or 9,500 gallons of gasoline. 

GoodWeave has partnered with Carbon Clear to provide its partners  the ability to calculate transportation emissions and to purchase offsets from some of the most reliable and high quality  offset projects available in the marketplace. ecoFiber Custom Rugs purchases offsets and is a proud participant  in the program. And because our production does not rely on electricity our carbon footprint is further reduced significantly.