ecoFiber Custom Rugs is committed to the principles of beautiful design, sustainability, original choices and traditional craftsmanship.  Our mission is to work with designers and architects with a shared vision of beauty and ethics.  Our product stands alone in quality and natural elegance.

 All of the dyes used in ecoFiber Custom Rugs are plant-derived and gathered within the region. The production of our rugs does not rely on electricity, which reduces the carbon footprint of ecoFiber's rug production significantly.

 ecoFiber Custom Rugs is an active member of Goodweave, an international organization whose goal is to end South Asian child labor in the textile industry. As a member of Goodweave, a percentage of proceeds from each ecoFiber Custom Rug is utilized in global initiatives to fund early childhood education, adult literacy and health programs in Nepal. 

Ripple, owner and founder of ecoFiber Custom Rugs is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, which sets measureable goals to increase the use of legal wood, to re-cycle and reuse materials and reduce carbon emissions.

ecoFiber is one of the few rug weavers who offer Carbon offsets for purchase.